QR Barcode Report Validation

With all the travel restrictions, requirements and regulations in place across the globe, there has been an alarming rise in fake and fraudulent result reports being presented at various travel points internationally.

prelink got to work and came up with a quick, secure and reliable solution to the problem.

We are able to attach a QR barcode onto any of our laboratories result reports, the ones that are communicated out to doctors, clients and/or patients. This barcode can be scanned by ANY device that supports 2D barcode scanning, e.g. a mobile device with a camera or a PC with an attached barcode scanner, and has a modern web browser. It will immediately open a web page, linked directly to that laboratories prelink instance, and display the full report for verification.

Our servers are protected, secured and encrypted by Cloudflare Inc, using a SHA 256bit (sha256ECDSA) TLS Certificate, at the origin and at the edge, so that all communication (end-to-end) between our servers and end users is secure and encrypted.

We believe that our solution is simple, fast, and effective. It can provide a workable solution quickly and easily for any corporate client or travel point around the globe.

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