Grapevine Support

We are announcing Grapevine support for prelink.

When we demo our LIMS to prospective clients, or sign-up new clients, we provide links to, or names of, systems or providers that we support in prelink. It would be for functionality that we do not provide internally, like SMS.

It is not always in the client’s best interest to require them to change providers when they have a great relationship with an existing provider, that could have been built up over several years.

To support our clients and their needs, we have added Grapevine SMS support to prelink. This should be a welcome addition for our South Africa (SA) clients that have been supporting Grapevine over the years.

Grapevine has “been a trusted digital communication partner for leading brands and enterprises for over 20 years. We deliver robust solutions that intelligently connect our clients to their customers.”

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