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  • OpenID Connect Support
    We are announcing OpenID Connect support for prelink. Complex passwords can only provide a certain level of security. We have had numerous requests and enquires about security related topics, such as multi-factor authentication (MFA), compliance, reporting, etc. from current and prospective clients. So, we decided it was time to take the plunge. There are severalContinue reading “OpenID Connect Support”
  • Grapevine Support
    We are announcing Grapevine support for prelink. When we demo our LIMS to prospective clients, or sign-up new clients, we provide links to, or names of, systems or providers that we support in prelink. It would be for functionality that we do not provide internally, like SMS. It is not always in the client’s bestContinue reading “Grapevine Support”
  • CommonTrust Network Partner
    Following on from our previous post about SMART Health Cards support, preLink is thrilled to be the first trusted technology partner in Africa participating in the CommonTrust Network. The CommonTrust Network is operated by The Commons Project Foundation in collaboration with the World Economic Forum and a broad, global coalition of public and private partners.Continue reading “CommonTrust Network Partner”
  • Announcing SMART Health Card support
    We are extremely proud to announce that we have been secretly working on implementing the SMART Health Card Framework in prelink. It could be a first for South Africa? “SMART Health Cards are paper or digital versions of your clinical information, such as vaccination history or test results. They allow you to keep a copyContinue reading “Announcing SMART Health Card support”
  • QR Barcode Report Validation
    With all the travel restrictions, requirements and regulations in place across the globe, there has been an alarming rise in fake and fraudulent result reports being presented at various travel points internationally. prelink got to work and came up with a quick, secure and reliable solution to the problem. We are able to attach aContinue reading “QR Barcode Report Validation”
  • Microsoft Azure Migration
    With the help of Crayon SA, we started migrating prelink to Microsoft Azure towards the end of 2020. After running and maintaining virtual and dedicated servers at various data centres for several years, we decided that it was time to “leave it to the experts”, and in doing so, provide a much more scalable, secureContinue reading “Microsoft Azure Migration”
  • VeinTrain Flatpack Simulator
    Gencode is a preferred partner for VeinTrain in Sub-Saharan Africa. All to often we see patients with bruising and minor injuries that caused during vein puncture procedures. The VeinTrain flatpack simulator course and technique perfecter was designed to address and minimise bruising and injuries caused during vein puncture procedures. Phlebotomists attend virtual training sessions thatContinue reading “VeinTrain Flatpack Simulator”
  • Cloudflare Performance and Security
    prelink utilises the amazing Cloudflare. prelink utilises several products and solutions from Cloudflare to provide performance, reliability and security for our clients’ systems. Firewall, DDoS protection, DNS, TLS encryption, Argo intelligent routing, optimisation and caching, etc. All communication between the client and server, services, APIs, etc. is secured using TLS v1.2 (and up), with edgeContinue reading “Cloudflare Performance and Security”

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