Result Reporting

There are various forms of result reporting in preLink, and they can be manual and/or automatic via email, SMS and/or a printed result report.

Result reports can be automatically printed, emailed or SMS when a request is signed off and/or each client can receive automatic email, SMS and/or printed reports when a request is signed off (based on their reporting preferences for the location the request was captured for).

Email, SMS and printed reports can also be manually performed at any time by the lab staff. This can be preliminary or final reports.

The laboratory can also configure Print Routes which link a printer to several client/doctor locations. Every time a result report is automatically printed, preLink will check if the client/doctor location belongs to a print route and then queue it for the correct printer.

Result Report QR Code validation

preLink has the ability to include a QR code on all patient and client result reports. This allows any entity to scan and verify the result report.

Result report forgery has become a big issue due to the COVID19 pandemic and travel.

Auto Signoff and Reporting

The laboratory can setup the auto department sign off that will automatically sign off request results for that department only if:

1. all the required tests are resulted,
2. all results are validated and,
3. all results are within range and NOT abnormal.

A department will not be automatically signed off if there are tests outstanding or there are abnormal results. These will have to be signed off manually.

After signoff has occurred, preLink can automatically print the result report (to the default printer or the Print Route associated to for the client location) OR automatically Email, SMS and/or print based on the reporting preferences setup for the client location.

Communicable Disease Reporting

preLink allows the laboratory to configure which tests, and their trigger result, will automatically attach the National Institute For Communicable Diseases (NICD) to the request. As soon as the request is completed and signed off, preLink will upload the result report to the NICD.

This dynamic setup is not limited to COVID19 testing and can be setup for ANY of the Category 1 – 4 Notifiable Medical Conditions.

Statistical Reporting

There are a number of reports available to the laboratory that will enable it to get a clear overview of the functioning of the lab.

These include:

  • Registered Requests
  • Volume Graphs
  • Hourly Graphs
  • Department Breakdowns
  • Requests per Doctor/Client
  • Tests per Doctor/Client
  • Test Ordering
  • Users Stats (Logins, Validations, Sign Offs, etc.)